The company "Koutsogiannopoulos" has been specializing in the sales of fruits and vegetables since 1983.Founded by Koutsogiannopoulos Basilis, today is a family owned business focused on trading agricultural products such as potatoes, watermelons, onions and garlic. 
Since its establishment, the company has aimed at the Greek market by supplying products of excellent quality to its customers. Recently, it has been developing its operation by increasing its sales in international markets. Within this framework, it maintains cooperative relations with companies from Europe such as Bulgaria, Poland and Italy. Additionally, it imports some kind of fruits and vegetables in order to cover the demand in the Greek market. 
Our basic purpose is to provide products of excellent quality so as to have a good collaboration with our partners. During production process we make sure to meet the high standards of the company as well as to comply with national regulations in order to keep our clients satisfied.